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We have been involved in diversity efforts since the mid 1970s, originally focusing on women and employment equity. Today, we view diversity more broadly – as a source and driver of innovation that values and supports unique abilities, experiences and perspectives.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion encompasses three priorities:

  1. Having a workforce that reflects the population and the communities we serve and a workplace that offers all employees the opportunity to reach their potential.
  2. Ensuring the financial inclusion of diverse communities by making financial products and services fully accessible, as well as offering suppliers of diverse backgrounds and markets an opportunity to increase or enhance sales to Royal Bank.
  3. Providing support to organizations, academic institutions and non-profit groups that work to address diversity issues that are important to us and our stakeholders, including recognizing community leaders for their efforts.

We also focus on youth as an important part of our diverse communities. Today’s educated youth will be our future workforce and leaders. We engage youth by developing and/or supporting diversity programs for students that offer unique educational experiences made possible through sponsorships, scholarships, donations and community programs.