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In The (K)now Podcast Series

The podcast for today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders. In a time of historic business disruption, job transformation, and isolation among Canada’s youth, emerging leaders and thinkers are faced with fewer opportunities to get advice, network with peers, develop their careers, and enhance their well-being.

Turn on the light bulb and discover lived stories and experiences from our guests to learn something new and gain a fresh perspective. 

  • It’s time to talk about the environment and what we are doing to save the planet, with Lindsay Patrick speaking on the role of banks in this challenge, and Sharif Mahdy updating our hosts on how the youth of today are developing new ideas and perspectives on the topic.

  • We focus on trends in the world of finance with Sid Paquette, and then our hosts talk to Swish Goswami and get his perspective on what is up and coming – and here to stay, and what just might be a flash in the pan trend.

  • Our hosts investigate what the near future employment market is going to look like with guest Connie Chung, and the Poet Laureate of Ontario, Randell Adjei checks in to give us insight into his very unique world and job.

  • Digital security is the hot topic as Peter Tilton engages our hosts on how to better protect ourselves when it comes to virtual banking, and digital expert Amber Mac fills us in on what new innovations are hot and trending.

  • Shannon Cole chats with our hosts about sports marketing, and the support of amateur athletes, while Stephanie Harvey gets into the world of professional gaming, and how to succeed in video game development.

  • Diversity and Inclusion kicks off this episode, with Christina Cleveland discussing D&I at RBC, and the host of Who Do You Think I Am?, Madison Tevlin talks about her show and misperceptions in her own life.

  • Our hosts dig into economics as they interview economist Claire Fan and try to figure out where the most affordable and enjoyable Canadian cities are with the assistance of Elise Pundyk.

  • Mental health takes center stage as our hosts speak with Julie Gaudry about what insurance assistance is provided by employers, and Tyler Smith discusses the road to recovery from tragedy to healing.

  • Meet our hosts as they find out about Patrick Famaran’s journey to working at RBC, and learn valuable tips from Emerging Artist, Josh Sahunta, about how to succeed in the music business.

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The Hosts

Kenisah Humber

Kenisha Humber is a Toronto-born singer-songwriter and Voiceover Actress. Kenisha is featured on dance floor-heavy cuts that have been well received in the UK. She has also voiced commercials for Febreze, Pantene, and Triangle Rewards to name a few. Kenisha is a breath of fresh air and is always ready for the next experience.

Griffin Toplitsky

Griffin Toplitsky is a Toronto-based writer and improviser. He is the host of the podcast Killed to Death, which has been nominated for several Canadian Podcast Awards. As a performer, he was one of Bad Dog Theatre’s Featured Players and performed regularly with improv group, The Kids’ Table. He also produced and wrote 3 episodes of the Canadian Screen Award-nominated children’s program, Gabby’s Farm.

About In The (K)now

In The (K)now is a podcast series that is here to help Canada’s next generation of business leaders in the workforce with conversations, lived stories & experiences, alongside programs & tools designed to enable positive growth among tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers.