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Hear from researchers and thought-leaders who examine the future of work – and the impact on young people like you.

Read about the skills that will be highest in demand and the best Canadian cities for youth to work.

In The (K)now Podcast

Tune in to regular podcasts that cover today’s most important matters – including technology, climate, economy and wellness – and explore other insights that can help shape your future path.

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  • Meet our hosts as they find out about Patrick Famaran’s journey to working at RBC, and learn valuable tips from Emerging Artist, Josh Sahunta, about how to succeed in the music business.

  • Mental health takes center stage as our hosts speak with Julie Gaudry about what insurance assistance is provided by employers, and Tyler Smith discusses the road to recovery from tragedy to healing.

  • Our hosts dig into economics as they interview economist Claire Fan and try to figure out where the most affordable and enjoyable Canadian cities are with the assistance of Elise Pundyk.

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