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Making the Right Impression on Your First Day of Work

6 things to keep in mind.

A woman smiling and holding papers while talking to a colleague in office.

Congratulations, you got the job! However the work doesn’t end there. Being prepared for your first day of work is as important as the interview process. Be sure to set the right impression by following these six tips.

1. Get organized and be prepared.

Talk to your manager in advance to make sure you know where you are going and when to show up on day one. And get a good night sleep the night before!

2. Rock the first impression.

Arrive 15 minutes early, dress appropriately for the job and be confident when you introduce yourself.

3. Figure out the office norm.

Where is the coffee machine? When do staff usually go for lunch? Observe how others do things and understand the company culture.

4. Always learn.

Show up with an open mind, listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Befriend a colleague who can show you the ropes.

5. Set yourself up for future success.

Meet with your manager to establish what success will look like in the first week, month and work term. It’s important to set expectations and goals right from day one so you understand how your role contributes to the bigger picture.

6. Be yourself.

You were hired for a reason – relax, smile and enjoy your first day!