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RBC Emerging Artists Academy

The RBC Emerging Artist Academy is a 5-part virtual series that will integrate resources, leaders and opportunities to support talent development, showcase emerging artists and enable continued relationships and collaboration. Each episode will showcase a diverse mix of industry experts, emerging artists, and tools to empower youth and creatives during these uncertain times.

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Ian Keteku

Writer & Multimedia Artist

Episode 1: What’s Next? Arts in the Time of COVID

With the dramatic changes brought about by the global pandemic, the future of the Arts is unsure. Now our artists need help transitioning to the digital world. More importantly, the digital world needs artists.






Episode 2: Where are the Resources? How to Find Grants, Tools and Guidance to be a Successful Artist

Helping artists navigate the tools that are available to them. Applying for grants is a great way for artists to ease the financial burden that often comes as part of being a working artist.

Jennifer Podemski

Award Winning Film and Television Producer

Domanique Grant



  • Corrie Jackson
    Senior Art Curator, RBC

  • Ana Serrano
    President & Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University

  • Lisa Ditschun
    Director, ArtsUNITE, Artscape

  • Domanique Grant

Episode 3: Who Are We? Branding 101 for Artists

An artist’s “brand” is not just a label, a logo, or a signature—instead, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. Your brand is what you’re known for. Good branding is the act of becoming known for something that you do, above any other competitor. As an individual artist, likely, you don’t have an established brand as large companies do—which means if you want to gain customers, you must create a brand of your own.

nina jane drystek

Poet, Writer, Performer

JJ wilde



Episode 4: Artist and Entrepreneur: Balancing Business and Arts

Artists, like entrepreneurs, have a product or idea to sell, and they need to get out into the marketplace. To do this, artists need basic business skills and a willingness to approach selling art as any entrepreneur would.

Kyle McCutcheon & Chris Koras

Co-Founders, Game Seven Media

Tina Pereira

First Soloist, The National Ballet of Canada & Founder, Ballerina Couture


Episode 5: Financial Literacy for Artists

Learning financial literacy will enable you to better understand your lifestyle as an artist and set you up for success. Take part in this discussion to learn the tips and tools to help better navigate your finances as an emerging talent.


Emerging Artist Duo

Jagdeep Raina

Featured Artist


  • Joshua Morawetz
    Senior Relationship Manager, Commercial Financial Services – Media & Entertainment, RBC

  • Austin James
    Business Account Manager, Business Markets – Business Financial Services, RBC

  • Margaret Lewis
    Commercial Account Manager – Media & Entertainment, RBC