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The Students Commission of Canada: Championing Youth Engagement

Championing Youth Engagement Since 1991.


At the Students Commission of Canada we champion youth engagement so that young people are valued, heard, and their ideas for improving themselves, the lives of their peers, and their communities are put into action. We know that youth engagement makes programs more effective, policies more relevant, and adults and young people more capable and confident – resulting in stronger relationships and community. Our work is focused on innovating new programs and youth engagement strategies, supporting and collaborating with other youth-serving organizations, and amplifying the voices of youth through our national research and evaluation platform, Sharing the Stories.

What We Do

Turn knowledge into action and action into knowledge

Strengthen others through networking

We #WalkTheTalk

The #CanadaWeWant Youth Movement and Conference Series

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Contrary to popular belief, young people care deeply about the world and their communities, and want to be engaged in creating meaningful change. The #CanadaWeWant Youth Movement and Conference Series mobilizes youth from across the country, coast to coast to coast, to take action on key issues that are of importance to them.

Throughout the year, our staff and partners are busy delivering national projects related to topics such as Dating Violence, Mental Health, Diversity and Social Inclusion, and Substance Use (to name a few) which are run in local communities across Canada. These programs create a safe space for young people to gather and explore these relevant issues, and help collect experiences, discussion and recommendations from diverse youth and communities.

The data and activities from our year-round programming, feeds into our annual #CanadaWeWant Youth Conference. 150 youth and adult allies from every province and territory come together to connect, share, and be heard on these important issues. Working in theme-teams, they engage with each other, with research and experts, and with everything that has been collected and done throughout the year. By the end of the conference, participants have made life-long friends as well as: recommendations for decision/policy makers, ongoing community action projects, and creative knowledge mobilization products.

Get involved in other Students Commission programs:

Be The Program

Tackling youth dating violence through peer influencer training.

To become a peer influencer, email:
The Students Commission of Canada


Exploring Canada’s history, how it is taught, what’s included, and what’s left out.

To find a workshop near you, email:
The Students Commission of Canada

Sharing the Stories (StS)

Amplifying young people’s voices and the impact of youth programs through Research and Evaluation.

Let us help you tell your story here.